Grafe Lecocq has been fulfilling a commitment to European wine drinkers for over one hundred and forty years.

A family meal, Aquitaine, France

Our customers are passionate about their wine, how it represents their view of life, and enriches relationships.

They expect the wine they place on their table to deliver, consistently, the same high level of flavor and drinking experience, season after season.

They want to be free from the experts, able to make their own evaluation in the wine they offer their friends and enjoy at home.  Their choice is their own and reflects their independent personality.

And, our customers want value in the choices they make.

We, a Grafe Lecocq, have spent one hundred and forty years matching our customers Passion, focus upon Consistency, Independence and Value.

Introducing Grafe Lecocq wines to America


Confidence to choose what’s right for you

Your choices define who you are.  Be it Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley, red or white, Grafe Lecocq’s freedom to choose the best wine available throughout France gives you confidence to be in control — your own expert — with your own perspective on the world of French wine.

Each autumn, for more than a century, the Grafe family and team has traveled to each of the key French wine growing regions.  At each location, numerous blind tastings result in the choice of the best raw wine available; or none at all.

Each choice is returned to the caves of Namur, placed in French Oak barrels and cared for toward bringing out the peak of that region’s grape, soil and climate.


Seeking the best…

You focus upon those things that reflect upon you.  And the wine you serve when entertaining friends, family, and colleagues is one of the things about which you are passionate.

Wine is a noble, living product. Grafe Lecocq shares your passion for this important choice.

Our passion is to elevate the wine we select to the highest level possible to bring out the intrinsic personality and quality of each variety.  Using both traditional and new processes, we age and culture each wine in French oak casks in our caves under the Namur Fortress.

Our passion, ultimately is to be worth of yours.

Continuity and Consistency

Always right for the occasion

There are wines for entertaining; wines just for you; and wines for just two…  that special someone.

There are wines for a full meal, and wines just for fruit and cheese.

Navigating through the choices need not be rocket science.  Grafe Lecocq offers vintages and varieties that are consistently true to their terroir and type.

Our guidelines will reveal the acidity, sweetness, body and flavor.  We will also suggest the best use.

And since it is Grafe Lecocq, you know the one you choose will not let you down.


Just for you

Our philosophy dictates that the pleasure of drinking wine must remain within reach.

While our aim is to supply you with quality products, we also ensure we offer competitive prices.

We can achieve this thanks to the shortest and most direct route possible:
One, by buying directly from the wine-grower;
Two, by selling and delivering to you, directly.

For important occasions…  or just for yourself, a full range of choices that will please you at that moment…

Make Grafe Lecocq your choice for wines you wish to drink; wines you wish to serve to your guests and friends.

Go to the OUR WINES page, review the selection and order.  A wine shop in your neighborhood will have it ready for you to pick up or to deliver to you.

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